Posted by Jennifer Cohen

Replacing your T8 or T12 LED tubes can be quite confusing with all of the options available in the market. Basically you have three options once you've made the decision to replace your fluorescent tubes with LED. Please contact us if you have any questions after reading about the three types of replacement tubes below. 

Direct Wire LED Tubes

First, you can remove your fluorescent ballasts and tubes, then replace with a "direct wire LED tube" - This is in our opinion the smartest option because the fluorescent ballast uses energy and it is not necessary with LED. Also, the fluorescent ballast can make buzzing sounds. Furthermore, when your fluorescent ballast dies, then the second replacement tube type I'm going to list next will no longer work.

Ballast Compatible LED Tubes

Second, you can replace your fluorescent tubes only. You can leave your existing fluorescent ballasts in place. Then install a "ballast compatible LED tube" which is designed to work on your existing ballast. As mentioned above, when the fluorescent ballasts no longer work, your new LED tubes will no longer work as they need the ballast to power on.  

All-in-One LED Tubes

Third, you can chose a tube that is both of the first and second tubes mentioned above all in one. This LED tube will work with the ballast, so you save labor costs removing the ballast, but when the ballast dies, your LED tubes will still work.  The downside of this option is you are still wasting power on running unnecessary fluorescent ballasts. Many utility companies, such as Georgia Power offer rebates for removing fluorescent ballasts because they are a waste of energy.  

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